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The Introduction Of The Round Slings

Round Slings


Round slings are usually manufactured from polyester, light and flexible. According to EN1492-2,with certificate of conformity. However round slings are also covered by a woven tubular jacket.  Round slings are one endless loop of yarn.  All load bearing yarns in the round slings have a polyester sleeve, ensuring product durability and safety when lifting heavy loads.  Round slings are also colour coded in the same way as webbing slings to quickly identify the lifting strength of the equipment at a glance.   A wide range of hooks are available to fit to round slings if required.

The benefits and features of round slings

Round slings are portable and flexible however they offer a slightly better protection to the load when lifting and lowering.  The endless loops of the round slings provide a much better choke hold than webbing slings and the pressure point of the load can keep changing.  This is better fixed .

 The cons of using round slings

Round slings would not be the best choice in moist conditions.  Although they have a much lower stretch rate than web slings they are also not the strongest piece of lifting equipment available. So we have to choise most strongest slings by SF, indication of working load limits(WLL):by colour,number of stripes and printing on sling and label…

Post time: Nov-25-2021